Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Starting Over

This blog was originally used for a grad school project. I deleted all of those old posts and have decided to start over and use this as a place to chronicle my school library career.

My name is Jamie and I am a pre-k-5 school librarian. Before that I was a pk-5 technology applications teacher for three years. Even before that I taught first grade. And at the beginning of my career I taught kindergarten.

I am now in the beginning of my second year as a school librarian. It is weird how much nicer it feels to be in the second year of something. It is like putting on a comfortable (yet still clean and new) pair of shoes. I feel like I know enough this year to do things right, but I am still fresh enough in that I want to keep learning as much as possible. Plus, I am coming off of that post grad school high. I just graduated like a month and a half ago officially.

Last school year I spent opening a brand new school library (yeah, my first year and the school's first year coincided. It was nuts.) This year I moved back to the school where I spent most of my career. It wasn't an ideal time to leave the new school, but the opportunity to get into my old school wasn't going to come around again any time soon, and it was always my ultimate goal.

So I am in my second year and my old school and so far it has been super-crazy, but totally amazing. The administration is fabulous truly understands the importance of having a strong library.